Ritual and Work Involving Manannan

Because of the many types of magic associated with Manannan Mac Lir, there are many reasons why people ask for his assistance. In ritual he is most often summoned as a Gatekeeper, a deity that opens the doorway to the otherworld's forces and beings. Others use ritual to pay tribute to him, to ask for his blessings, and to increase the intimacy of their relationship with him. Below are rituals that you can use yourself, in groups or alone.

Other Gods Spring Equinox Ritual- A fantastic ritual that demonstrates a creative mix of organized and spontaneous work. This was performed by the folks at the Grove of the Other Gods, and you can learn more about them and view other rituals here.

Ritual of the Mists- A great ritual to be done in fog or mist with the purpose of bringing one closer to Manannan.

Midsummer Rite- A rite for the seasonal holiday with Manannan at the center. Naturally the sacrifice in this ritual is only symbolic and should not actually be an animal or person.

Midsummer Rite Solo- The same ritual as above, but customized for the independent practitioner.

Dedication of the Crane Bag- A ritual used to create a magical Crane Bag.

Magickal Ritual Structure- Shining Lakes Grove ritual structure centers around Manannan as a Gatekeeper. Powerful techniques for Invocation are also included.

Memorial Ritual- A very fine and well thought out ritual to pay homage to the dead. Created by Erynn Rowan Laurie, you can visit her web site here.