Poetry and Song

Here we have a selection of fine poetry, both ancient and contemporary. I've only included the best of the best here, so I hope you enjoy it. If you have a piece that you've written, or discovered elsewhere, feel free to email me with it if you'd like to see it potentially added here.

Hail Manannan- by Coyote Brid's Flame- A song to praise Manannan with. It is very well-written and researched, referencing many of attributes and legends.

Prayer to Manannan- by Bard Oskan- This descriptive sonnet expresses well the author's affinity for Manannan.

Sea Charms- By Greenheart- Described as being various charms, they flow together nicely to form a single piece.

You Walk With Me- by Anfa Faolchu- A truly touching poem written for Manannan Mac Lir.

On Manannan's Isle- by Usha Kishore- Imagine walking the Isle of Man and listening to the voices on the wind. Usha has crafted a beautiful poem from her experiences.

Lines to Mannanan- by Stephen Lewis Ingham Pettit- A moving poem about Manannan's relation the Isle of Man.

Mannanan Beg Mac y Leirr- The verses that apply to Manannan are included here. Heathen, eh? If easy living is a sin then count me in.

Land of Legends- by Stephen Lewis Ingham Pettit- A beautiful tribute to the Isle of Man and the deity it is home to.

A Manx Myth- A smooth little poem about the Isle of Man's first ruler.

A Prayer to Manannan- A prayer from centuries ago, available in English and the Manx language.