Occult Lessons

Welcome to the Occult Lessons section of the Temple. Here is an ever expanding arcane library of mystical texts and lessons that you can access for free. Lessons on magic should never cost money, unless it's in the form of a published book. Be wary of web sites that offer great secrets for cash! If you don't agree with me, then please send me all of your money in the form of fat gold bars.

Quality and accuracy is considered first before any document is added here. If there is a topic you are interested in that you would like to see here, email me and I'll find the best articles on that subject that I can get. Articles with a * by the title are unique to this site, or at least written by me.

Deity/Spirit Communication:

*Speaking with Deities: Basic to advanced techniques for communicating with gods.

Astral Projection:

Robert Monroe's Techniques: Robert's technique for having an OBE is very famous. This article outlines it well.

Treatise On Astral Projection: A wonderful mini-book covering techniques for leaving the body and the preparations needed. Also teaches entering trance states and chakras.

Important Tools and Basics of Magic:

A Beginner's Course on Magick: In 11 parts, this is by far one of the most easy and fun courses to engage in. It basically gives a very broad overview on many areas of the occult. A good way to discover where your interests lie. A great refresher for advanced students as well.

*Visualization Basics: Visualization is an important corner stone of magic, so I whipped up this guide to help make it easy and fun.

*Magical Energy- Techniques: Covers Grounding and the Charging of Chakras.

*Magical Energy- Manipulation: Covers the pulling and pushing of energy, and drawing energy from natural sources.

Psychic Protection:

*Psychic Protection Basics: Covers psychic protection basics including four techniques and various tips.

*Illness Protection: A technique that may help prevent you from getting sick.

*Thwarting a Psychic Attack: How to assess and defend against a psychic attack.

*Psychic Diagnosis: How to diagnose if someone is under the influence of a psychic attack.

*Protecting Others: How to protect others with psychic protection.

*Protecting Pets: How to protect animals and pets with psychic protection.


*Finding Humor in God: A small essay on the importance of being human with gods.

*The Meaning of Myth: Discusses if mythology has any importance in Pagan religion.