Experiences With Manannan

This section is about the personal experiences people have had with Manannan, whether it be a conversation that took place with him, or some sort of sign that he sent your way. I would love to hear your experiences and to include them on this page. You could even simply talk about your feelings toward Manannan. If you like to share your story, please email me and I'll be glad to include it here!

Meeting Manannan:

Manannan is rather infamous for the way he makes his entrance into peoples lives. He's always very persistent, although sometimes he expects people to figure out his identity on their own. His humor is often the trait that gets most peoples attention. Below are experiences people have had when first meeting him.

Eye of the Storm ___________________________________

Aine's Blue God

Coyote Maiden's First Encounter

Little Miracles:

Gods and Goddesses can make their presence known in your life in amazing ways. Sometimes it's sending their totem animal you way even if it's not native to your area, and other signs can be even stranger. Below are stories of how Manannan has flexed his magical muscles.

Laughing in the Rain

Waves of Greeting

Lady Bug Beach

A Hands on Experience

Promises, Promises

Rainy Baptism

A Divine Night Out

Pink Smoke

Lighting Ball

Dreams, Visions, and Astral Experiences:

Gods often make an appearance during meditations, or during those strange dreams that stand out from others as something more real. Sometimes people are lucky enough to have an experience on the Astral Plane that involves a friendly deity. Check out the stories below.

The Tattooed God___________________________________

Through the Cave

Maureen Takes the Power